• Divetainer Scale Model
  • Divetainer Container Swimmingpool 1200
  • Scuba Diving Divetainer 1200
  • Mermaid Divetainer 1200
  • Freediving Divetainer 1200
  • Divetainer Scale Model
  • Divetainer Container Swimmingpool 1200
  • Scuba Diving Divetainer 1200
  • Mermaid Divetainer 1200
  • Freediving Divetainer 1200

Divetainer at Rawai Beach

Dive in a box – free your mind. Divetainer was originally an intermodal steel freight container and travelled thousands of miles on ships, railways and trucks all over the world. After taken out of service the globetrotter has now a permanent location at Rawai Beach, Phuket with a new mission as a converted above ground all-purpose diving/swimming and event pool.

Feel the vibe of upcycling in an ocean protective environment.

Scuba Diving

  • Try Scuba Diving

    Try Scuba Diving

    On my bucket list - Divetainer provides on spot an easy and instant access to diving for everyone. There is no excuse anymore and be prepared that this can change your entire life!

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  • Phuket Diving

    Phuket Diving

    I want to see Sharks, Mantas and Turtles - You need to be lucky, but as a passionate diver you hopefully will enjoy also all the other great and rare creatures at Phuket’s popular dive sites. Let yourself amaze about the bunch of various marine life and the divine underwater landscape.

    Gate to a mystic world - Open it and get in touch with our experience diving instructors and become a certified, respectful and safe diver. For continuing education; keep calm and dive on!

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  • Kid's Diving

    Kid's Diving

    Scuba Rangers wanted - Do you love fish and the ocean? Do you like to learn more about marine life? Do you want to have lots of fun? Then you are the right candidate to become a Scuba Ranger. Apply now and dive in the Divetainer like a real diver. Surely you can tell adventurous stories back at school.

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  • Freediving


    A turtle can hold its breathe up to 4 hours - Train your free diving skills in the Divetainer and disappear into the big blue.

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Attractions Phuket

  • Photoshoots


    Captured for eternity – Join our professional underwater photoshooting and get some stunning underwater art images of you. Be the motive when diving meets art.

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  • Mermaids


    Transform into a mermaid – It is not only about good looking in a special dress. It is much more about free diving in an incredible graceful way. Get your training at Divetainer and work on your skills before you will be released as a real mermaid to the ocean. By the way, Merman are in great demand and highly welcome!

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  • Boating


    Romantic and authentic – Cruise along the beautiful south coast and the famous view point Promthep Cape with a private, traditional Thai longtail-boat from local fishermen. Enjoy your stay with your sweetheart at small tropical islands and leave your footprints on the white powder sandy beaches.

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  • Dining


    Yes, we can! Wet bell is currently under construction – please stay tuned.

  • Water Gym

    Water Gym

    Never underestimate Water Gymnastic – It is a healthy and refreshing work-out for all ages in the heat of Phuket. Get ready, our instructor will make you sweat.


  • Corporate


    To whom it may concern: Never change a winning team – Your team is working hard and successful. The collaboration with your business partners is blossom. Time to show them your appreciation and offer them an exciting team (building) leisure event in the Divetainer. Don’t be shy to present yourself in a fashion swimsuit.

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  • Weddings


    Underwater Proposal, Wedding and Renewal of Vows:

    How deep is your love – Certain butterfly fish are solitary until they find a partner and then they travel, hunt and mate together for the rest of their lives. Ask the Divetainer “Wedding planner” staff and live happily ever after.

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  • Rent on Spot

    Rent on Spot

    All you can dive – Profit at maximum and rent the Divetainer per hour for any occasion. For creative ideas, talk to our Divetainer staff.

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  • Rent Nationwide

    Rent Nationwide

    Hit the road – Divetainer on tour – coming soon

Buy a Divetainer

  • Buy a divetainer

    Buy a divetainer

    I want one – If Rolls-Royce or Volkswagen, get your customized Pool for your personal needs. Learn more about our construction kit.

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  • Dive Center Concept

    Dive Center Concept

    Fulfill your dream – Become an entrepreneur and place your Dive Center wherever it is convenient for you.

Divetainer Weekly Schedule

Hours 8am to 12pm 2pm to 6pm 6pm to 9pm
Week day Morning Afternoon Evening
Monday Dive courses Try Scuba Diving Events
Tuesday Dive courses Try Scuba Diving Events
Wednesday Dive courses Try Scuba Diving Events
Thursday Dive courses Try Scuba Diving Events
Friday Dive courses Try Scuba Diving Events
Saturday Dive courses Kid’s Diving Events
Sunday closed Underwater Photoshoots closed

Divetainer at Rawai Beach

Get wet at our divers venue in Rawai, Phuket, Thailand. Stick together with other passionate divers and feel an exceptional spirit. Share your experiences and adventures with real people offline.