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    Corporate Events

Corporate Event Phuket

Dive now – work later! Are you planning a corporate event in Phuket? Or are you on a business trip and you would like to enjoy some leisure time with your colleagues? Lets thinking out of the box and look for something completely different to reward your team, colleagues and business partners for their achievements. Divetainer – dive in a box – free your mind!

In fact, there are many different nice and thrilling things to do during a stay or getaway in Phuket. If we think about Phuket, we mainly associate the place with tropical islands, palm trees, white beaches, blue ocean and obviously with scuba diving. But time is precious and can sometimes be an issue for full day activities which are common when visiting Phuket’s most popular places of interest, especially by boat.

Divetainer opens up many different options for an outstanding corporate event during daytime or even at nighttime. The idea is to enable your employees an introduction to the world of Scuba Diving in our event swimming pool. Especially for first timer it is very exciting to feel weightless and to breathe under water. As Scuba Diving is a declared team sport, it is also perfect for team building exercises. Everyone can do it, although some still have to step out of their comfort zone whilst others just get their adrenaline kick. It is truly a great entertainment in a confined and safe environment and a pleasant way to stick together.

The event can include catering set-up in the ensuite Thai Restaurant. Or a combination with our other attractions like a sightseeing tour with a traditional longtail boat, a professional photo shoot or Mermaid swimming is also possible. Contact us and let us design your perfect and tailor-made corporate event.

Quick Facts

Good to know

  • Normal good health condition (no pregnancy)
  • No prior experience with scuba diving is necessary
  • No swimming skills are required
  • Underwater photos included

What to bring

  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • Team spirit

Facilities on spot

  • Ensuite Restaurant
  • Bathroom and Shower
  • ATM
  • Parking



Corporate Event