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With discipline and passion, you will pursue your own goals and overcome boundaries. Through breathing and relaxation techniques you will learn to improve your ability to concentrate, to increase your mental strength and to relieve stress more quickly. You will be enthusiastic about the course content. It is not the recollection that is at the forefront, but the gentle exploration of one’s own body – the formative experience of releasing unexpected potentials at the decisive moment.

This course is intended for swimmers, snorkelers, scuba divers, to anyone who wants to discover new limits in the water and achieve them! We believe that Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) training in combination with Freediving you can gain even more strong mental endurance, self-confidence and courage.

The newly learned breathing techniques will accompany you in the future with more time and a significantly better and safer feeling under water.

Course Content:

Learn the necessary skills and knowledge to partake in the recreational sport of Freediving (Breath-hold diving) in a safe and enjoyable manner and achieve the following performance standard:

  • Dynamic swimming for 30 meters
  • Shallow water black out Rescue, Loss of motor control Surface Rescue
  • The equipment for free diving, its importance and how to select the correct pieces to suit you
  • The physiology of freediving is key to understanding how your body reacts and performs in the underwater environment
  • Breathing and breathing techniques and breathing training – you’ll be surprised by how much you improve
  • The correct in-water techniques for executing a dive
  • Effective finning techniques and streamlining for efficiency
  • The value of and how to effectively dive with a buddy
  • Dive planning and emergency management
  • An understanding of water conditions and the marine environment as they relate to freediving
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    Quick Facts

    Good to know

    • On Request
    • 1 day course
    • Internationally recognised SSI Basic Freediving certification
    • Minimum age 10 years
    • Anyone who is in good fitness, can swim 200 metres and is comfortable in the water with a desire to explore can take the Basic Freediving Course.

    What to bring

    • Swimwear
    • Towel
    • Good mood

    Facilities on spot

    • Ensuite Restaurant
    • Bathroom and Shower
    • ATM
    • WIFI
    • Parking

    Course fees

    THB 4’900

    Basic Freediving Course 2 sessions

    Booking and Questions

    Freediving in Rawai
    Freediving in Rawai
    Freediving in Rawai