Transform into a mermaid – It is not only about good looking in a special dress. It is much more about free diving in an incredible graceful way. Get your training at Divetainer and work on your skills before you will be released as a real mermaid to the ocean. By the way, Merman are in great demand and highly welcome!

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Mermaid and Merman Swimming

A mermaid is a legendary creature, half female half fish that lives in the ocean or in other waters.

The legend states that the goddess Atargatis transformed herself into a mermaid out of shame for accidentally killing her human beloved. Let yourself be enchanted and dive into a mystical fairytale world in the Divetainer, Rawai Phuket.

Although it can become a real passion to transform in a graceful, artistically diving creature. And as mermaid swimming is much more than just looking gorgeous, you keep yourself fit in a fancy and entertainment way. Whether it is just for a photo shoot or to train your freediving skills, don’t be embarrassed to release the mermaid in you.

Our trained staff gives you an introduction of how to swim with the special equipment (mermaid tail and mono fin) and accompanies you during the water sessions.

Visit our mermaid venue at Divetainer, Rawai Beach / Nai Harn and keep the legends alive.


into a Mermaid or Merman

Mermaid Swimming Introduction

THB1'500per person
  • Mermaid tail and underwater photos included

Mermaid Swimming Club

THB600per person
  • Mermaid tail included

Mermaid Swimming Club

THB450per person
  • Own Mermaid tail