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Underwater Photoshoot

Certainly, you have already seen these extremely aesthetic and surreal photos of people underwater and dreamed of doing something like that. Divetainer at Rawai Beach makes it now available for everyone with our underwater photoshoot.

Do you like posing like a model, or are you a couple in love or bridal pair, a family who wants to have an unique portrait, or do you have a passion for a certain thing or sport? Express yourself in an unconventional and artistic way and get your professional underwater photos. Capture an unforgettable moment for eternity.

Whatever your reason, we have a catalog of ideas available and we are happy to develop them further and arranging a customized set-up with different costumes and props to realize your personal imaginations. Creativity is limitless!

Subjects for underwater photoshoots can be for example a person in a flowing dress, couples in different poses, a family portrait or a piece of equipment of someone’s favorite sport. We will put it in the right light and tell your personal story.

With an extreme waterproof makeup from Nudibranch, distributed by ISE Cosmetic, we can style you appropriate according to the chosen photo subject. Our photos and videos are taken with a professional underwater camera setup.

Visit us at Divetainer, Rawai Beach to plan your photo event or shoot us an email via the contact form below for further informations.

Quick Facts

Good to know

  • On Request
  • Duration approx. 2 hours
  • Comfortable under water and able to hold a breath for a while
  • No age limit
  • Slow motion short videos on request

What to bring

  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • Requisits, dresses etc. you want to use

Facilities on spot

  • Ensuite Restaurant
  • Bathroom and Shower
  • ATM
  • WIFI
  • Parking


On request

One Session

Underwater Photoshoot